15 quarantine activities for kids under $15

Wow, I can’t even believe I’m writing a blog about entering our 6th week of stay-at-home orders. How are you doing, friends? If you’re like me, you’re constantly on a mission to find activities to keep your kids entertained and somewhat educated. I love seeing what other mamas have come up with for their kids, so I thought I would also pass along what has worked great for us. Having new things to do really does keep the whining and fights at bay and breaks up the monotony of staying home all day.

Below I have listed 15 tried-and-true activities that you can purchase on Amazon for $15 or less. I have only included items that we have personally used and that that keep my kids attention for a reasonably long time. I truly hope this help some of you as you look for new stay-at-home activities!

1. Board games- Our recent favorite is called Hiss. We love it because all of our kids (ages 2, 4, 4, and 8) can play this together. It is so cute and we pull it out often. Other favorite games of ours are Slamwich (ages 6+), Race to the Treasure (ages 4+), and Clack (ages 4+).

2. Beads- These beads were recommended to us by a friend and my kids loved them! They are glow in the dark and also change colors in the sun.

3. Activity books- I recently purchased activity books that were geared to the ages of each of my kids and they have all been well loved. For my 8 year old we purchased this National Geographic Activity book, for my 4 year olds this Seek and Find Sticker book, and for my 2 year old this Letter Sticker book.

4. Kinetic sand– Okay, even I love playing with this stuff. Advantages of using this vs. play-doh include that this doesn’t stick in your carpet, vacuums right up, and never dries out!

5. Water Wow books– These no-mess books are perfect for quiet times and car rides. We have used them on and off for years! Theres also a version with a decoder magnifying glass that is perfect for older kids.

6. Contact paper and craft sticks– I found this activity on pinterest and am so glad I did. You simply tape the contact paper to the window sticky side out, and then use the craft sticks (or whatever you have on hand) to make fun creations!

7. Geoboards– Both our 4 year olds and our 8 year old love it when I pull these out. They are very math oriented, but your kids will never know. 🙂

8. Paint by Sticker book– These take my kids quite a while to complete and are very affordable! If you have a unicorn lover check out this one!

9. Color Wonder markers– My kids love these markers and the fun coloring sheets that come with them and I love that they don’t stain clothes or furniture. 🙂

10. Starwars Folded Flyers– If you have a kid into Starwars, this is the coolest book! Again- so much bang for your buck here. It includes 30 color pages that make the coolest paper starfighters. I would say this is best for kids 7+ as it is does have more complicated folding instructions than a typical paper airplane. Once they have made a few, extend the fun by taking a big piece of cardboard and cutting holes in it to create targets!

11. Rock Painting Kit– We actually haven’t done this one yet but it is on our activity list for this week! I’ll post in my Instagram stories about how it turns out. I love that the box suggests leaving them out for friends and neighbors to find!

12. Where’s Waldo– Look and find books are great for a quiet time activity. If you have younger kiddos that may not be ready for Where’s Waldo, this is an easier one.

13. Paint Sticks– If you haven’t discovered these yet, you are missing out. Such a fun, mess-free way to “paint”. The colors are bright and you can use them on a variety of surfaces- like those Amazon boxes on your porch! 🙂

14. Lego sets– Legos can be expensive, no doubt, but there are several small sets you can find for less than $10. My kids love building something new and often play a long time with their new creation.

15. Perler Beads– Anyone else remember these from your own childhood?? While this activity is not ideal for toddlers, kids 4 and up can play with these independently for a long time!

I hope you enjoyed this list! Having a couple new things stored away in the closet for when the quarantine blues start to hit has been so helpful for us and I hope it is for you too. I can’t wait to get your beautiful families back in front of my camera, but until then, keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram! Much love to all of you. <3

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