3 things that happened when I decluttered my kids’ toys

Do you ever feel like you are just drowning in toys??

As a boarderline horder-turned-minimalist mama, I have worked hard to find a decluttering system that works for our family- engaging our kids while keeping our home from overflowing with toys.  After several years of living this way, I have found some tips and tricks that work well for our family.  Some were modified from tips by Allie Casazza and Emily Ley, while others I discovered through trial and error.  I hope these ideas help you find freedom from the sea of clutter as well!

First things first.

Take everything out and place in a pile.   That means emptying every bin, toy box, and closet.  Go through the items one by one.  If it is broken, if it has missing pieces, if you have two of them, IF IT CAME IN A HAPPY MEAL, get rid of it.   😉

Now, here’s the challenge….from what’s left, try to remove half of your child’s toys.  I know this may seem extreme, but think about how many of the toys your child actually plays with.  Only a handful, right?  If it is difficult for you to eliminate this many right away, stick them in a box in the garage.  Make sure it is closed and put away so little hands don’t find them.  Then leave them there for several weeks.  Donate or sell anything that is not missed within a few weeks.  Focus on keeping items that promote creativity and imaginative play.

Have one toy organizer such as a shelving unit or toy box.  Only keep what fits in there, besides bigger items.

Three things that happened when I rigorously decluttered my kids’ toys:

  1. They actually played with their toys longer.
  2. They were able to clean up their toys quickly.
  3. They took better care of their toys.

It truly does make a difference in our attitudes as well when we have a decluttered space!  I hope you feel the same!

How do we maintain a clutter-free playroom?

1. Set a reminder on your calendar to purge quarterly.

2. Don’t go overboard at birthdays and Christmas.  Purchase items like art supplies or tickets to a museum.  Last year we took our six-year-old to a Thunder game for his birthday and it was his favorite present!

3. Do a nightly pick up.  Having less toys will make this much quicker.

What are some things my kids actually play with?

Honestly, what my boys (6 and 2) play with the most are blankets and pillows!  They are constantly making forts, playing house, or running and jumping into them.  Ha!  Other things that get a lot of use around here:

  • Legos
  • Blocks
  • Train set
  • Play kitchen
  • Outside toys
  • Art supplies
  • Hot wheels cars and a cars mat
  • Kids camera
  • Imaginext sets
  • Puzzles

Let me know if you decide to purge your kids’ toys!  I would love to hear from you!  Take pictures and tag my IG or FB pages so that I can see your progress.  Happy Decluttering!

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