5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Photographer

If you are like me, finding a new hair stylist/doctor/photographer/plumber, etc. can be daunting.  It can be difficult to know where to even start.  To assist you in your search, I have come up with 5 simple things to consider when choosing a photographer.  I can promise that if you put in just a little bit of time, you can greatly increase your chances of having a wonderful photography experience!

How do I even begin searching? 

The easiest places to search are on Google, Instagram, and Facebook.  On Google, type in the name of your city + photographer.  (Ex: Edmond Photographer or Edmond Family Photographer).  On Instagram, search by hashtag.  (Ex: #okcphotographer)  If you prefer using Facebook, ask in local mom groups or on your personal page for recommendations.  Now that you have a list of photographers from your searches, consider the following 5 things when narrowing down your list:

  1. Style: Style can vary so much in our industry.  Take your time looking at websites and social media pages.  Do you prefer posed with props?  Relaxed lifestyle images that focus on connection?  Dark and moody edits or light and airy?  There is no right or wrong answer- it simply comes down to what you prefer.  Above all, what do their images make you feel?
  2. Reviews: I look at reviews before almost any purchase- big or small.  Doing this can really save time and money in the end.  You typically can find reviews for photographers on Google and Facebook.
  3. Investment:  I’m definitely not one to tell you that price doesn’t matter.  For many of us, it is one of the deciding factors in any service we hire.  However, the fact remains that almost always, you get what you pay for.  When looking at the cost of different photographers, make sure you know what is included in that price- such as any digital images or prints.  No matter what you pay, $50 or $5,000, you are making an investment. These images will be in your family for generations to come, so it may be worth saving ahead of time to get the photographer you want.
  4. Personality: Read bios and blogs from different photographers.  Does this person seem like someone you can relate to?  Would they work well with your children?  Could you picture being their friend?  Will you have fun?   
  5. Experience: Aside from the images, what experience will you have if you choose this photographer?  Will they be able to direct you in what to do?  Will they help you feel confident and comfortable?  Will they go with the flow if your child has a melt down?  Your session can and should be relaxed and fun for you and your family!

If you value photography, take your time when choosing a photographer.  If you are looking for a photographer in the Oklahoma City or Edmond area and think I may be a good fit, I would love to hear from you!  If I’m not the right photographer for you, I would be happy to refer you to someone else.  Either way, I’m here to serve you, so let me know how I can help!

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