5 Things we changed about our home before adding another child to our family

We had 3 young kids and felt the nudge to pursue foster care. We already felt like we had a ton on our plate, so how were we going to make it work?  We knew we had to let go of certain things and put some supports in place or we wouldn’t last long as foster parents. These changes have helped us thrive as a family of six and I’m hoping these ideas help you as well!

  • Grocery delivery- Can I get an amen?! Not spending precious weekend time at the grocery store has been so helpful. We do one Walmart Grocery Pick-up per week and 1-2 Instacart deliveries (typically from Sprouts) per week. (If you want to try Instacart, use code MHARMS27F126 to get $10 off your first order!)
  • Taking less photography clients…yes, that’s right.  I turned a lot of amazing families away last fall.  I truly hated to do it but it was key to allowing us to be able to foster another child who is not in school yet.
  • Join a community group- We found an incredible support system through a Life Group at our church. It truly does take a village and we could not thrive as a family without ours!
  • Hire a house cleaner- We found a great house cleaning company to come once a month and help with deep cleaning.  With four messy kids I would love for it to be more often than that, but once a month is still wonderful.  Coming back home to the WHOLE house clean is just the best and a weight off my shoulders.  
  • Minimize our belongings- This is something we have been practicing for several years and has been essential in helping us stay sane in our home with a million little people running around. What takes up our space takes up our time and keeping just what we need frees us up to spend our time on what really matters.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of adding another child to your family, I hope this encourages you that there are steps you can take to lighten the load! We can’t be everything to everyone and allowing some of our responsibilities to be taken care of by others allows us more time, freedom, and ultimately joy within our families.

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