We had 3 young kids and felt the nudge to pursue foster care. We already felt like we had a ton on our plate, so how were we going to make it work?  We knew we had to let go of certain things and put some supports in place or we wouldn’t last long as […]

Do you ever feel like you are just drowning in toys?? As a boarderline horder-turned-minimalist mama, I have worked hard to find a decluttering system that works for our family- engaging our kids while keeping our home from overflowing with toys.  After several years of living this way, I have found some tips and tricks […]

I see it nearly every day on social media.  Someone asking for the most “affordable” photographer.  A hair stylist that won’t “break the bank”.  A decorator that won’t cost “an arm and a leg”. Hear me out.  We cannot afford the most expensive of everything either.  But remember- quality work will almost always save you […]

If you are like me, finding a new hair stylist/doctor/photographer/plumber, etc. can be daunting.  It can be difficult to know where to even start.  To assist you in your search, I have come up with 5 simple things to consider when choosing a photographer.  I can promise that if you put in just a little […]

I know what it’s like.  You’ve booked a photography session for your family, but then comes the hard part….what will we wear??  After photographing families for four years, I have discovered some simple tips to help choose clothing for your family that is comfortable, classic, and flattering. The first thing to keep in mind, is […]

Okay, so in our case, the “after school blues” is the nice way to put it.  Anyone else??  Our oldest, Jack, has been in Kindergarten for a month now and I think I’m FINALLY getting the hang of how to best support him when he gets home from school.  His first few days he was […]

When you told your husband that you would like to schedule a family photography session, did he think it was a brilliant idea and beg you to book as soon as possible?  No?  Then this blog post is for you.  🙂  If your husband is reluctant to take family photos, here are some ways you […]

Go ahead and get out your donut shaped floaties, Ray Bans, and rock that mom swimsuit because school’s out for the summer! I have compiled a summer bucket list that I will be using with my own family, and wanted to share it with you all.  I know personally, that if I’m not intentional about […]

Featuring Mainstream Boutique One of the questions I hear most when planning a session for a family is, “What do we wear?”.  I always tell my clients to begin with the person who is the hardest to dress, and go from there.  In most cases, that person is the mom.  On Friday, the sweet ladies […]

Last week I officially entered 2017 and purchased the new iPhone 7 plus.  Of course, the selling feature for me was the awesome new camera (hello, optical zoom!).  I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you my 4 tips for taking better photos with your iPhone. Use the grid.  To turn […]