We had 3 young kids and felt the nudge to pursue foster care. We already felt like we had a ton on our plate, so how were we going to make it work?  We knew we had to let go of certain things and put some supports in place or we wouldn’t last long as […]

A few of you have asked me to share Charlie’s birth story, and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and write it out!  It’s crazy how some of the details are already getting fuzzy.  This was my first unmedicated birth (and out of hospital birth) and I was pretty nervous about how much […]

Date nights!  We all want more than we get, am I right??  With little ones at home it can be difficult to get out of the house.  Even though I think it’s super important to get out for date nights, having at home dates as well can be great ways to connect.  These dates can […]

Sweet friends, We couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you that we are expecting a baby due the beginning of March! After 5 years of infertility and thinking we were done with babies, this was quite a shock. 14 weeks in and it’s still hard to believe. We are so excited for this little […]

No added sugar! We are always looking for new, healthy snack options around here.  The other day my boys were begging for popsicles.  I try my best not to give them foods with added sugars and food dyes, because Lord know they do NOT need any extra crazy energy.  For that reason, I decided to make […]

Plus 3 tips on how to save for your next vacation! Last week, my husband and I returned from an amazing getaway (without kids!) to Anna Maria Island, FL.  AMI is a small island, 7 miles long, just south of Tampa.  The pristine, white sand beaches and authentic island vibe captivated us right away.  With […]

Mama, you’re doing it.  This crazy, hard, wonderful thing called motherhood.  You’re doing it.  Mothering is often a thankless job, but today please hear my heartfelt thanks.  Thank you for wiping noses.  Making dinner when it was the last thing you felt like doing.  Hustling that side job or clipping those coupons to make ends […]

We quickly learned, just because we couldn’t have more children on our own, doesn’t mean we can’t have more children of our own. I am letting you into this journey with us, because so many of you have graciously allowed me into your most intimate moments. I have photographed your children’s births, your wedding, or […]

Alright, ya’ll.  Here it is.  The easiest Earth Day project ever.  You probably have all (3) of the supplies already in your cabinet and a preschooler whining for their 42048209432 snack of the day.  (No?  Just me?).  To distract them from eating their 15th packet of fruit snacks, set up this little craft and let […]