The easiest Earth Day project ever

Alright, ya’ll.  Here it is.  The easiest Earth Day project ever.  You probably have all (3) of the supplies already in your cabinet and a preschooler whining for their 42048209432 snack of the day.  (No?  Just me?).  To distract them from eating their 15th packet of fruit snacks, set up this little craft and let them have at it.

Here’s what you need:
1. Coffee filters (I KNOW you have these, mommas.)
2. Blue and green markers
3. A spray bottle2017-04-20_0001.jpg

Let them color areas of blue and green on the filter like so:2017-04-20_0007.jpg2017-04-20_0004.jpg2017-04-20_0006.jpg

Next, give them the spray bottle and let them spray the coffee filter.  This will make the colors run together.2017-04-20_0008.jpg

Finally, Let dry.  Repeat as long as your little one will stay occupied.

That’s it!  If you’d like to expand this project, feel free to talk about the importance of caring for our planet and using our resources wisely.  Include them in taking things to the recycle bin and practice not letting the water run while they brush their teeth.

I hope this activity allows you a few moments of peaceful fun in your day.  You’re doing a great job, Momma!


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