How to get your husband excited for your family photography session

When you told your husband that you would like to schedule a family photography session, did he think it was a brilliant idea and beg you to book as soon as possible?  No?  Then this blog post is for you.  🙂  If your husband is reluctant to take family photos, here are some ways you can lovingly nudge him along:

  •  Let him help choose a photographer.  Seeing how the final images will look may help him see the value in this investment.
  • Schedule a lifestyle session rather than a traditional, posed session.  This lets dads have fun!  When they have a fun experience, they’ll be more likely to agree to sessions in the future.  Explain to him that it won’t be sitting and staring at a camera.  It will be throwing your son in the air, twirling your daughter in her favorite dress, and kissing and cuddling all the people he loves.
  • Agree to start saving for your photography investment a few months in advance, if possible, or sell some things around the house to help pay for it.  If the money is already set aside, it will alleviate any financial concerns he may have.
  • Keep it stress free.  After my clients book, I send them a PDF with ways to prepare for their session.  When you are fully prepared, everyone can relax and just have fun!
  • After the session, order some prints for his office.  Giving him memories he can enjoy looking at each day is such a fun gift.  Maybe even put them up in his office when he’s not there as a surprise!

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