How To Keep Kids Happy During Your Session

Hey, friend!  So, I recently took a poll on my Facebook page asking, “What is the most stressful part of a family session?”  By and large, the most popular answers were: 1. Keeping kids (and husband!) happy and 2. Knowing what to wear.  Since I want your session to be completely stress-free and fun, I am going to give some helpful tips for each of these stressors beginning with how to keep kids happy during your photography session.

  • Leave plenty of time to get ready and arrive at your location.  Being rushed will make the whole family miserable.  Know what you will wear a week before, and leave more time to get ready than you think you will need.
  • Tell your children what to expect.  Show them a picture of your photographer.  Tell them where you are going.  Explain how long it will last, and what you will do after your session.  Kids always do better when they know what is coming.
  • Relax.  Yes, you.  😉  If you put out a nervous or impatient vibe, that will completely rub off on your kiddos.  Stay relaxed, have fun, and love on your people.  That’s your only job.  Enjoy this time with your family!
  • Invest in a photographer who knows kids and who you trust.  This will allow the whole family to have fun and feel like the session is under control.
  • Give breaks as needed.  Every child is different.  If a short break of walking around and getting a drink will help things run smoothly, then by all means, let’s take a break!
  • Encourage your kids to have fun!   My sessions are all about cuddles, laughing, and making memories.  Lucky for us, these are all things that kids love!  When children are enjoying themselves it’s a breeze to get great, natural expressions from them.  Have a good time with your family and leave the details to the photographer that you have invested in.

We can never force kids to have a great attitude during a session, but applying these tips will give us the best chance for success.  Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for investing in great images of your family.  Let’s give your kids an enjoyable experience at the session to ensure they will have beautiful images to pass down to their children (and their children!).

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