My Mother’s Day wish for you

Mama, you’re doing it.  This crazy, hard, wonderful thing called motherhood.  You’re doing it.  Mothering is often a thankless job, but today please hear my heartfelt thanks.  Thank you for wiping noses.  Making dinner when it was the last thing you felt like doing.  Hustling that side job or clipping those coupons to make ends meet.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of doing the mundane.  In carrying out the daily duties of being a mother, you are setting your child up to flourish into his or her best self.  I know you feel like you aren’t seen, but I see you.  And they see you.  They are always watching and will one day go the extra mile for their children, just like they have seen you do day in and day out.


This Mother’s Day, I wish for you the ability to drink coffee while it is still hot, pee without an audience, and not step on a single lego.  Most importantly, I wish rest and refreshment for your soul.  Here’s my virtual pat on the back to you.  You’re doing it, mama.  You’re doing it.

I couldn’t end a Mother’s Day post without including this:  If any of you out there are still longing for a child, I feel you.  There’s not much I can say except that I wish I could hug your neck.  Praying you feel loved and at peace this Mother’s Day.

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