Why you should stop searching for the cheapest service based businesses

I see it nearly every day on social media.  Someone asking for the most “affordable” photographer.  A hair stylist that won’t “break the bank”.  A decorator that won’t cost “an arm and a leg”.

Hear me out.  We cannot afford the most expensive of everything either.  But remember- quality work will almost always save you money in the long run, even if it is more up front.

How many times have you used the “cheap” option only to have a poor experience with wasted time and money?  I know I have on many occasions- with a hair stylist, house cleaner, and mechanic…. just to name a few.

Why do some service providers charge more than others?  Not always, but many times it is because they have more expertise, provide a better experience, use higher quality equipment, and deliver a superior product.

My husband and I are big budgeters (Thanks, Dave Ramsey), and we always do our research to try to get the best deal.  But you know what I’ve learned?  The best deal isn’t always the least expensive.  I have spent more than I myself charge on photo sessions.  And you know what?  It was a great “deal” to me.  I was purposeful about who I was hiring and absolutely adored the images of my family.  It was a much better “deal” than spending less but having a poor experience with a photographer or images we didn’t care to display.

More advantages of investing in great service based businesses?  You often build relationships (even friendships!) with the service providers.  When you respect the person and value their work, you often find you have even more in common.  Also keep in mind that you are supporting a small, local business.  Your money is going directly to help a family and the local economy.  That is something to be proud of!

Make investments, not purchases.  Quality, not quantity.

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